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Sustainable from the start

Since our foundation in 1963, ewers products have contributed to an ecological and sustainable energy supply. In 2023, we will celebrate our 60th anniversary. ewers Heizungstechnik eliminates doubts and recognizes opportunities so that new perspectives open up: The company was designed and built with this in mind. Innovations are the basis for your and our success – with groundbreaking ideas we are among the pioneers in our industry.

We are heat transfer station manufacturers and develop high-quality as well as reliable products that are ideally suited to your needs thanks to decades of experience:

  • ewers company - District heating transfer stations
  • ewers company - District heating transfer stations
  • ewers company - District heating transfer stations

Development of district heating stations – since 1963

  • ewers Heizungstechnik - Entwicklung von Fernwärmestationen
  • ewers Heizungstechnik - Aushilfe Schweißer - Karriere - Fernwärmestationen - Wärmeübergabestationen - Nahwärmestationen - Übergabestationen

As a manufacturer of district heating transfer stations, we focus not only on district heating but also on energy stations with regenerative energy sources. With solar thermal energy, combined heat and power and biomass, we enable sustainable heating. The idea of district heating is not new – it has existed in Germany since the early 1920s. But that doesn’t mean that we as a heat transfer station manufacturer are resting on our laurels: the technology is always evolving. That’s why we invest a lot of time in our in-house development department to provide you with heating technology that always meets the latest requirements.

We employ about 75 people in the departments: Sales, Administration, Purchasing, Work preparation, Manufacturing and production, Construction, Marketing

ewers — The company in transition

With the change of managing director and owner in 2020 came innovative ideas that continue to drive ewers forward. The entire staff is working on a new strategy for our company, bringing new visions for the future. We are always looking for new employees to join us in shaping the future of ewers.

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ewers Image film

We are changing the heat supply – for 60 years now, ewers has been building and developing new technologies for intelligent district heating use. Our goal green energy. In our image film we go into the topics that distinguish ewers. ewers quality Made in Germany.

We are one of the TOP JOB employers 2023!

On February 24, TOP JOB patron and former Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel officially presented us with our award in Berlin. TOP JOB – Top Employer has been recognizing particularly attractive employers for 20 years. Our employees attest to our motivating, appreciative corporate culture. Because with us, the teams enjoy great freedom of action and can work largely independently.

  • ewers Heizungstechnik ist Top Job Arbeitgeber 2023
  • ewers Career - Employees - District heating stations - Heat stations - Local heating stations - Transfer stations
  • ewers Career - Employees - District heating stations - Heat stations - Local heating stations - Transfer stations

Highest quality from own production

Your satisfaction is fundamental to our success and is therefore our top priority. We work exclusively with high-quality and heavy-duty materials so that our heating technology will last you a long time. Even after the warranty and guarantee we provide have expired, you can rely on the quality of ewers. Our customers enjoy systems that, in some cases, still function as they did on day one, even after 45 years.

In-house development, design and manufacturing – we at ewers work according to a simple principle: What we can do ourselves, we do ourselves. This means that we closely monitor every step of the process and have full control over quality. We pass on our experience from production to the development department in order to continuously improve ourselves.

We already have the right solution for various special requirements. But every heating network has different requirements. If there is no suitable heating technology for your special needs, we simply develop and manufacture it ourselves – according to your individual wishes.

Sustainability at ewers

Sustainability has long been an indispensable part of our lives: as a manufacturer of district heating transfer stations, we have a major impact on the environment and society. ewers therefore feels a responsibility to act sustainably and stand up for future generations.

Conservation of resources, energy efficiency and emission reduction: The concept of sustainability has characterized our company for decades. We handle valuable resources responsibly and carefully and rely on environmentally compatible products. In addition, our materials are recyclable, creating a closed-loop system. Products such as our heat and cold insulation can be reused several times and conserve resources. 47% of CO₂ emissions alone are caused in the heating energy sector. Efficient heat distribution is therefore indispensable for meeting the German government’s climate protection targets. ewers Heizungstechnik produces heating systems with the best primary energy factor, allowing you to maximize your economic efficiency in addition to ecological efficiency. In 2022, we received the TOP 100 Top Innovator 2022 award for this.

  • Auszeichnung - ewers Top-Innovator - 2022 Auszeichnung - ewers Top-Innovator - 2022 - Kompaktstationen - Fernwärmestationen
  • ewers Iso certificate from TÜV Nord - District heating stations - Heat transfer stations - Local heating stations - Transfer stations

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

At ewers, we create long-lasting and future-proof products, including custom-fit solutions, that meet the highest standards thanks to our extensive experience of over 55 years. The important thing here is to always take a close look, to always rethink, to always optimize. This is how we understand quality.

By the way: TÜV NORD has officially confirmed our quality management system – in accordance with the TÜV NORD CERT procedure according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The successful audits are confirmation of our work and motivate the entire team: it’s worth the effort!


You can also find our certifications in the downloads.

ewers customer service – reliable and fast

If you have any questions or problems, our service team is always at your disposal. You can rely on the many years of experience and expertise of our employees for all your questions and concerns. Our sales and service departments work closely together, ensuring you comprehensive support. Let us advise you and contact us!

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We are here for you!

Feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you to answer your questions and give you professional advice.

You can also reach us at
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