BSR.003 — Baking with twice as much joy


Initial situation

Local heat supply in the „Erlengrund“ residential development area in Ostercappeln-Venne: The Venner Energie eG operates a local heat supply for currently around 147 buildings. The main attraction is that the heat for heating the buildings is largely generated from waste heat from the local waffle bakery Meyer zu Venne

A heat supply by Venner Energie eG is independent of fossil energy yields due to the use of waste heat and guarantees permanently low supply costs. Due to the primary energy factor of the local heat of 0.22, the energy balance of your building can be improved without structural changes, so that this CO2-neutral type of heat supply is promoted by the KfW.

The ewers company supplied all of the approximately 147 local heating transfer stations for this local heating network. The stations are particularly compact so that they can be installed in all houses and apartments. The stations are connected to the local heating network via an intelligent network, which makes it possible to optimize the network.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The ewers solution

Local heat transfer stations

Power: 25 kW
Nominal width: DN20 / DN 20
Pressure stage: PN10 / PN6
Heating circuits: 1 Hk for existing buildings
Primary 75/55 °C
Secondary 70/50 °C

ewers BSR.003 - Baustellenreport - Zeichnung der Station für das Baugebiet Venne mit Abdeckhaube im PU-Gehäuse

Drawing of the station for the construction area Venne with cover in PU housing

ewers BSR.003 - Baustellenreport - Hydraulische Darstellung

Hydraulic drawing of the station

ewers BSR.003 - Baustellenreport - Die Wärmequelle: Waffelbäckerei Meyer zu Venne

The heat source: Waffle bakery Meyer zu Venne

ewers BSR.003 - Baustellenreport - Ortsgebiet Ostercappeln-Venne mit rund 147 ewers Nahwärme-Übergabestationen

Local area Ostercappeln-Venne with about 147 ewers local heat transfer stations