BSR.004 — Printing plant waste heat (≈3 MW) put to good use – Gas preheating for the city of Gütersloh


Initial situation

The company Mohn Media GmbH in Gütersloh supplies heat extracted from its production for gas preheating at the Gütersloh municipal utility.

In municipal gas networks, transmission at high pressure and on-site expansion not only reduce the cross-sections of the gas pipelines, but also save on gas storage.

First and foremost, the gas pressure regulating station (GDRA) serves to reduce pressure; in addition, the tasks of filtering, natural gas preheating and protection of downstream plant components against inadmissibly high or low gas pressure, measurement and recording of the most important parameters as well as odorization of the gas are realized.

ewers supplied for this gas preheating the corresponding district heating transfer station with a total capacity of 3 MW, consisting of a full load module with 2.5 MW and a partial load module with 500 kW, each with a double pump module and secondary heat carrier with proportional ethylene glycol.

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The ewers solution

District heating transfer station

Power: 3 MW
Full load module 2,5 MW
Partial load module 500 kW
Nominal width: DN150 / DN 150

BSR.004 — Baustellenreport — Zeichnung der Fernwärmewärme Übergabestation

Drawing of the district heating transfer station

BSR.004 — Baustellenreport — Hydraulische Darstellung

Hydraulic diagram

BSR.004 — Baustellenreport — Gebäude Mohn Media GmbH in Gütersloh

Mohn Media GmbH building in Gütersloh

BSR.004 — Baustellenreport — Die Gaskugel der Stadtwerke Gütersloh

The gas sphere of Stadtwerke Gütersloh | Photo: Hewa

BSR.004 — Baustellenreport — Die ewers Anlage — Modularer Aufbau 3 MW bestehend aus Volllastmodul 2,5 MW und Teillastmodul 0,5 MW

The ewers plant – Modular design 3 MW consisting of full load module 2.5 MW and partial load module 0.5 MW