BSR.016 – In which league do you play with1200 kW turf heating?


Initial situation

A major construction project in Verl is the reconstruction of the soccer stadium, including the installation of a turf heating system – in times of difficult to imagine in times of energy crisis, but still a requirement of the DFB from the the 3rd league. This is to be connected to the district heating of the city of Verl.

In Verl, the area of Poststraße around around the Sportclub Arena will be connected to the district connected to the district heating network. To this end, the city is laying around 800 meters of new pipes. The stadium in Verl will also be connected connected to operate the turf heating operate the turf heating system.

The district heating transfer station for the comes from ewers and is designed with an a capacity of 1200 kW.

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The ewers solution

District heating transfer station

Power: 1200 kW
Nominal diameter: DN65 / DN100
Pressure rating: PN16 / PN6
Primary 80 / 25 °C
Secondary 40 / 20 °C

Technical drawing of the station

Hydraulic diagram

The ewers solution: 1200 kW district heating Sation

Sports Club Arena in Verl | Photo: ewers

Stadium expansion | Photo: