BSR.018 – Off the gas, into district heating – ewers stations for Bielefeld residential buildings in Bielefeld


Initial situation

A residential building on Jöllenbeckerstraße in Bielefeld was connected to the district heating network. The residential building comprises a total of 4 floors with 16 residential units and a store. The er.1 frame station and the et.2 domestic hot water heating system were integrated according to the specific requirements of the building in order to maximize comfort and energy efficiency for the residents.

The choice fell on an er.1 frame station with et.2 domestic hot water module. The er.1 frame station is an intelligent further development of our well-known district
heating stations on mounting frames, which uses a modular system to ensure that the station meets the precise and individual requirements of our customers. We have developed the et.2 DHW heating system to match this. This storage charging system feeds the cold DHW in the stratified storage tank to a heat exchanger by means of a storage charging pump. The drinking water is heated in the heat exchanger and fed to a stratified storage tank.

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The ewers solution

er.1 Modular system frame station

Power: 100 kW
Nominal width: DN25/ DN32
Pressure stage: PN16 / PN6
Primary 110 / 60 °C
Secondary 75 / 55 °C

et.2 Storage charging system

Power: 68 kW
Nominal width: DN25/ DN25
Pressure stage: PN10
Primary 65 / 28 °C
Secondary 10 / 60 °C

Technical drawing of the station

Hydraulic diagram of the station

er.1 Frame station for district heating transfer with et.2 Storage charging system

Commissioning | Photo: ewers

Residential building Bielefeld Jöllenbeckerstraße | Photo: ewers

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