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Alignment of the ewers storage platforms


The ewers storage platforms are small useful helpers. They consist of a low pedestal with a sturdy steel cross. Adjustable feet ensure optimum height compensation. We have insulated the storage platforms with PU so that no heat is lost through the floor. Helpful details: Thanks to a drainage channel and a water collector, any leakage in the storage tank can be seen immediately.

In the video we show you how easy and fast the alignment of our storage tank platforms is.

You couldn´t keep up? NO PROBLEM!
Here you can see a step by step explanation.

  • Step 1
    Set up storage platform

  • Step 2
    Align the storage platform

  • The adjusting screws are continuously adjustable

  • Step 3
    Place the storage tank on the platform

  • Step 4
    Align the storage tank

  • Close the caps of the adjusting screws

  • Done!