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Standardized maintenance in next to no time


The maintenance of our district heating stations is possible in no time due to our insulation half shells. In this video we show you how quickly e.g. the dirt trap can be checked.

ewers PU heat insulations are high quality, well thought-out and functional. They can be reused at any time. Assembly and disassembly are uncomplicated. The close-to-body design and circumferential tongue and groove joints reduce energy losses to a minimum.

You couldn´t keep up? NO PROBLEM!
Here you can see a step by step explanation.

  • Step 1
    Remove stainless steel clips of the insulation

  • Step 2
    Remove insulation half-shells

  • The fitting is exposed

  • Step 3
    Clean the dirt trap

  • Step 4
    Check seal and replace if necessary

  • Step 5
    Put insulation shells back on the fitting

  • Step 6
    Reattach stainless steel clips

  • And the maintenance is finished