Home stations

ewers apartment stations are ideal for apartment buildings and office complexes with central heat supply: Each unit can thus be supplied with heating and hot water separately and billed.

Often, several residential units are centrally supplied with heat, e.g. in terraced house complexes. With ewers apartment stations, each tenant or owner has their own heat transfer. Volume flow limiters pre-regulate the heat output per apartment and ensure an even heat supply to all units. During vacation time, each resident can shut off their heat supply separately. In addition, a flow-through or fresh water system for hot water production can be integrated close to the tap in the home station, making it easier to implement the 3-liter rule of the new drinking water ordinance. Heat meters for heating as well as meters for hot and cold water round off the convenience. If the ewers home station is installed outside the apartment, e.g. in a wall-mounted table in the hallway, meter readers can easily register the meter readings even in the absence of the resident.

Independent. Comfortable. Reliable.

  • Ideal for supplying individual apartments in a multi-family house or terraced housing complexes

  • Apartment handover with central heat generation and drinking water heating

  • Separate billing of individual apartment units

ewers - Fernwärme, Nahwärme, Wärmeübergabe
ewers Wärmeübergabestationen - Wohnungsstationen
Home stations

Version on mounting plate with insulated cover hood

ewers Wärmeübergabestationen - Wohnungsstationen - Fernwärmeübergabestation
Home stations

Version in PU insulation housing with cover hood

Wohnungsstationen in verschiedenen Ausführungen