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We have developed the ideal insulation system for fittings: For more than 20 years, our precisely fitting, close-fitting insulation half-shells have proven themselves in practice. They can be mounted and dismounted on ewers compact fittings or fittings from other manufacturers in just a few steps. To protect the environment, they effectively reduce heat losses and can also be reused several times.

We offer our insulation half-shells as PU thermal insulation or diffusion-tight cold insulation.

We manufacture insulation for our castings, for shut-off valves, control valves, heat exchangers and pumps from various manufacturers. This means that a comprehensive range of products is available.

We also supply smaller quantities and meet your requirements quickly and precisely.

High quality insulation systems

The perfect insulation system for various thermal or cold insulation requirements is created entirely in-house.

  • Own construction

  • Own toolmaking

  • Own manufacturing

ewers Dämmungen mit eigenem Werkzeugbau

An independent institute determined the heat losses on an uninsulated compact molding and confirmed to us that the use of ewers insulation pays for itself within a short time.

  • Meet legal requirements (temperature range of application, fire behavior, building material approval)

  • Circumferential tongue and groove joint (hardly any energy loss)

  • Shape is adapted to the fitting body

  • Costs amortize within a short time

  • Quick assembly and disassembly via stainless steel connection clips

  • Can be used again and again

  • For ewers fittings

  • For control valves and heat exchangers of different manufacturers


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