Efficient drinking water supply: Fresh water stations as an innovative solution


A reliable and hygienic drinking water supply is of central importance for residential areas, public facilities and commercial enterprises. In this context, modern fresh water stations are becoming increasingly important. These innovative facilities ensure that clean and healthy drinking water reaches consumers efficiently and in line with demand.

What are fresh water stations?
Fresh water stations are technical systems that play an important role in drinking water supply. They serve as an interface between the central water supply and individual consumers. The systems for heating drinking water take on the task of bringing the drinking water to the desired temperature and adjusting the pressure to meet the requirements of the consumers.

Advantages of systems for heating drinking water
A key advantage of domestic water heating systems is that they provide high efficiency and energy savings. By individually adjusting the water supply to the consumer’s needs, no water is unnecessarily heated or wasted. As a result, energy consumption can be significantly reduced, offering both environmental and economic benefits.

In addition, fresh water stations ensure a hygienic supply of drinking water. The use of modern technologies, such as heat exchangers and legionella protection systems, ensures the quality of the drinking water and minimizes the risk of germ formation. As a result, drinking water heating systems meet the highest hygienic standards and ensure the well-being and health of consumers.

Another advantage is the flexibility of the system. Fresh water stations can be adapted to different requirements, be it in residential buildings, schools, hospitals or commercial enterprises. They enable an individual supply of hot and cold drinking water, adapted to the needs and consumption of the users.

Mobile fresh water stations
Mobile fresh water stations offer a flexible solution for temporary or mobile applications where a reliable supply of drinking water is required. These portable units make it possible to provide drinking water quickly and efficiently at changing locations. They are ideal for construction sites, outdoor events, emergency situations or temporary shelters. Mobile fresh water stations are characterized by their compact design, easy handling and quick installation. They offer the same quality and hygienic safety as stationary fresh water stations, ensuring a reliable supply of clean and healthy drinking water wherever it is needed.

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