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Sustainable heating: With green district heating and emission-free heating, we contribute our share to the energy transition through our products. That’s why we produce our stations in a high-quality, reliable and future-oriented manner. In addition to district heating stations, we offer transfer stations for regenerative energy sources such as solar thermal, combined heat and power, and biomass.

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We specialize in high quality district heating transfer stations:

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We supply various useful heat systems for distribution, heating and storage:

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The perfect insulation system for various thermal or cold insulation requirements:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

District heating generally refers to the supply of heat for heating buildings and providing hot water. The heat usually comes from combined heat and power plants, or cogeneration units. Almost any conceivable energy source can be used here.

The prerequisites and conditions for connection to the district heating network are stipulated in the utility’s TAB. Exceptions and/or additions to the currently valid standards are specified. The TAB must be complied with when executing a district heating connection.

The transfer station transfers the heat of the district heating water from the district heating network to the house installation. This transfer usually takes place via a heat exchanger in the heat transfer station.

The district heating transfer station is the link between the house connection pipe and the house control center. It is used to transfer the heat to the building control center in accordance with its intended use, e.g. with regard to pressure, temperature and volume flow.

The heating water from the heating network flows through the house system.

The heating water of the domestic system is separated from the heat network by a heat exchanger. In the case of indirect connection, one obtains a primary and a secondary circuit.

The part of the system through which the heating water of the district heating network flows is called the primary circuit.

The part of the system through which the heating water of the domestic system flows is called the secondary circuit.

A heat exchanger (often referred to as a heat exchanger) hydraulically separates the heating water of the district heating network from the heating water of the domestic system.

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If you have any questions or problems, our service team is always at your disposal. You can rely on the many years of experience and expertise of our employees for all your questions and concerns. Our sales and service departments work closely together, guaranteeing you comprehensive support. Let us advise you and contact us!

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We enable you a smooth installation, commissioning as well as maintenance of the devices. Therefore we offer you an all-embracing service including telephone consultation.

Through our factory customer service, we offer you not only a contact person, but also competent help with your systems and annual maintenance. This guarantees you many years of use for your stations.

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