ewers Heat systems: the right system for every heating supply

Whether in the office or at home, local or district heating — without the appropriate heat supply, everyday life is difficult. Cleaning, washing or spending the cold autumn day comfortably in the living room: All this requires heat. We offer you the right heating systems for this, from measuring and control modules to storage technology with a fresh water station.

For more than half a century, ewers has been manufacturing resource-saving and emission-free heating systems for a sustainable, ecological energy supply. With the corresponding expertise, we network various efficiency technologies and offer you a suitable system for every requirement. From prefabricated modules to custom-made products – we guarantee the highest quality standards.

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How do ewers warming systems work?

To provide a building with sufficient heating warmth and hot water, we produce various heating Heating systems for local and district heating in proven ewers quality. Our systems are diverse and designed for different uses – which means that each system works differently – for sustainable heat supply. With all our systems, you decide between primary (direct) and secondary (indirect) connection options: The direct heating system draws directly from your electricity or gas line to heat the water. The indirect connection system uses a heat exchanger to absorb external heat and transfer it to the water.

We network in-house designs and offer you the highest level of comfort in a compact all-in-one system:

  • Heat transfer station
  • Volume flow limiter
  • Flow system
  • Heat and water meter

Efficient use – the right storage technology

In order to heat sustainably and efficiently, the use of a heat storage tank makes sense. We offer you optimal storage technology for every hydraulic design. Whether steel or stainless steel – our range includes

  • Buffer storage tanks,
  • charging storage tanks and
  • tube bundle storage tanks.

With a storage volume of 100 to 2,000 liters, you get enough capacity to heat efficiently. As with all of our products, we offer custom design with larger volume upon request.

Use of heat accumulators:

ewers storage technology is suitable for use with all our drinking water and heating systems. To integrate the heat storage tank compactly into your system, we have a wide range of accessories that enable convenient installation. To integrate the heat storage tank compactly into your system, we have a wide range of accessories that enable convenient installation.

Own craftsmanship – proven quality since 1963

Planning, consulting, design: From the initial idea to implementation, our 75-strong team works independently and innovatively on ewers systems. With a few exceptions, all the parts we process come from in-house production. This allows us to guarantee high quality standards in proven ewers quality. As experts in their respective fields, our employees enable us to work quickly and smoothly with sophisticated communication and production channels.

Best materials – ewers innovations

You order ewers, you get ewers: In order to offer you products made of the best materials, we have molded parts made regionally from our own invention.

  • Corrosion-free, durable gunmetal up to PN25

  • Corrosion-resistant, durable ductile iron up to PN25

  • Grey cast iron up to PN10 good thermal conductivity

  • ewers Iso certificate from TÜV Nord - District heating stations - Heat transfer stations - Local heating stations - Transfer stations

Official and high quality – ewers certificates

We can show you our high quality standards in black and white. As a TÜV-certified company according to DIN EN ISO 9001, we follow the European guidelines for

pressure equipment, machinery, electromagnetic compatibility and low voltage.

Accordingly, we offer high-quality CE-certified products made of recyclable material that meet our standards.

Our customer service — all-embracing and individual

From commissioning to annual maintenance to troubleshooting – our long-standing employees are there to assist you with expertise and individual advice. Our customer service not only includes telephone advice, but also offers you a competent service that optimizes your system and keeps your inventory up-to-date. In this way, we at ewers want to ensure many years of use without complications. Contact us!

  • ewers Service - Service Employees - Customer Service

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