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Showering, bathing, washing up or cleaning – every German household uses hot water several times a day. That’s why buildings need suitable systems for water heating or domestic hot water heating to heat the service water. There are various designs for this purpose.

storage, storage loading and flow-through systems
direct and indirect connection options for all our systems

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Direct and indirect heating of drinking water

Different drinking water heating systems can be used to heat drinking water. Direct heating systems heat the water directly using electricity or gas. Indirect systems have heat exchangers that absorb external heat and transfer it to the water.

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What are the systems for heating drinking water?

Depending on the use, you can choose from a wide range of domestic hot water circuits. For both primary and secondary connected DHW heating, we offer flow-through, storage and storage charging systems.

Our systems are of high quality – so you can use and enjoy your water without worries. We also offer an extensive product range of systems and accessories for domestic hot water. All our systems are available in different sizes and performance ranges – also on request. Please contact us!

We have developed our systems for drinking water heating both for systems with and without differential pressure. Which system you need depends on the type of application. There are also different control devices, such as temperature controllers or temperature limiters. These automatically adjust the heating output on or off as required. This allows you to achieve the right drinking water heating for your needs.

Storage systems: for coiled tubing storage tanks

In the case of storage tank heating via a coiled tubing storage tank, the drinking water is heated directly in the storage tank with internal coiled tubing or pipe coils. The heating thus takes place from the bottom to the top. The coils in the storage tank act as heat exchangers. The size of the storage tank, the heat output and the settings made influence the heating time.

The spiral-shaped pipe coils are made of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, enameled steel or copper. For storage heating systems we offer you different storage tanks according to your needs:

  • indirectly heated floor-standing storage tanks with permanently welded-in smooth-tube heat exchanger
  • for combination with all modern heating systems
  • for local and district heating

Drinking water heating by local and district heating

Both district heat and local heat is externally generated heat that an energy supplier delivers to the heat distribution system. District heating networks are often larger than those for local heating. The products from ewers are suitable for both generation principles, so that drinking water stations can also be connected to heat control systems that use local or district heat.

Storage tank charging systems for domestic and drinking water heating

Both domestic hot water and domestic hot water heating is possible with the storage tank charging system. They form an excellent mixture between a storage heating system and a flow-through system. The hot water is located in the upper part of the storage tank and is channeled out of it into the pipes when it is used. In the process, cold water flows in at a throttled rate and refills the storage tank – without hot and cold water mixing. The heat exchanger heats the cold water to the desired temperature.

To guarantee a long and corrosion-free service life, despite frequent heating of drinking water, we manufacture our storage tank charging systems from high-quality materials such as gunmetal and stainless steel. Depending on the requirements, they are controlled either thermally, thermally-hydraulically, electronically or with a jet pump:

  • with priority circuit (without admixture)
  • as simultaneous operation (with admixture)
  • with tertiary circuit

Centralized and decentralized water heating

Central means that the hot water is heated by a central system in the house, e.g. the heating system. With decentralized heating, the water is heated in the immediate vicinity of the tapping point.

Flow systems

Flow-through systems operate highly efficiently and conveniently. The drinking water is only heated when the user needs it. Above all, this guarantees extremely hygienic but also resource-saving use. Both the direct and indirect variants are ideal for decentralized installation close to the tap. As a result, the hot water flows through your pipes in the shortest possible time. You can control these systems for heating drinking water thermally, thermally-hydraulically, electronically or via a jet pump.

Flow-through systems for heating medium circuits without differential pressure:

  • Control via thermal three-way mixing valve
  • control via thermal bypass
  • electronic control

Flow systems for heating medium circuits with differential pressure:

  • thermal-hydraulic control
  • electronic control

At a glance: Drinking water heating systems

  • Storage heating systems (storage tanks with internal pipe coil)
  • Storage charging systems (stratified charging storage)
  • Secondary flow-through systems with buffer storage tank
  • Primary connected flow-through systems
  • Outputs: 10 kW to 400 kW as standard

Hydraulic representation: et. 1 Drinking water heating system Storage system for tubular coil tanks

Hydraulic representation: et. 2 Drinking water heating system for storage charging system

Hydraulic representation: et. 3 Drinking water heating system for flow system

Manufacturing from our own house – quality since 1963

We have been planning and designing our products ourselves for over half a century. This is how we ensure the proven ewers quality. We only manufacture systems whose individual parts are perfectly matched to each other.

In doing so, we are constantly developing not only our systems, but also ourselves – thanks to decades of experience with drinking water heating systems, we know exactly what is required of corresponding products. Today, our 75-strong team consists of experts in the following areas, among others:

  • Work preparation
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Maintenance
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Our service

Our focus is on you: we ensure smooth installation, commissioning and maintenance of the equipment. Therefore, we offer you an all-embracing service including telephone consultation.

Through our factory customer service, we offer you not only a contact person, but also competent help with your systems and annual maintenance. This guarantees you many years of use of your transfer station.

Write us an e-mail at kundendienst(at)ewers.de

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