Home stations from ewers: central heat supply for building complexes

Often, several units of a building complex – for example, in an office, an apartment building or a row house complex – are centrally supplied with heat. Ideally, the individual offices or residential units have their own means of heat regulation. This is where the home stations from ewers help.

Heat supply through home stations: centralized vs. decentralized

In the case of central heat supply, the system is located at a central location in the office complex or residential complex, for example in the basement or underground – as is the case with our home stations.

ewers apartment stations are ideal for apartment buildings and office complexes with central heat supply. Each unit can be supplied with heating and hot water and billed separately. A heat meter makes billing per household possible.

In comparison, with decentralized heat supply, heating takes place where it is needed. The short transport distances are advantageous for energy consumption with this variant. However, the space required for the heating source (e.g., boiler), which must be planned for each apartment, is a disadvantage. In addition, end devices that are coupled to the same heat source cannot be used simultaneously.

ewers residential station – house station

How the home stations from ewers work

With our apartment stations, each tenant or owner has their own heat transfer. Volume flow limiters pre-regulate the heat output per apartment and ensure an even heat supply to all units. During vacation time, each resident can shut off his or her heat supply separately, thanks to the home stations. In addition, a flow-through or fresh water system for hot water supply in apartment buildings can be integrated close to the tap in the home station (also: drinking water heating system). This makes it easier to implement the 3-liter rule of the new drinking water ordinance.

  • ewers erklärt: die 3 Liter Regel

What is the 3 liter rule?

The 3-liter rule is part of the drinking water ordinance for regular testing of water for legionella. This is the case, for example, with large drinking water systems. This includes systems with a volume of more than 3 liters in at least one of the pipes.

Separate billing

A heat meter for the heating system and meters for hot and cold water round off the convenience. If the ewers home station is installed outside the apartment, e.g. in a wall-mounted table in the hallway, meter readers can easily register the meter readings even in the absence of the resident.

ewers: Tradition since 1963

Starting with stations on mounting frames, we have been developing heat transfer stations, heat systems and insulation for over half a century. Through the experience we have gained over the past decades, over the past decades, we know exactly the requirements of the market for heat supply. We are constantly developing ourselves and our products, including our residential stations – always with the aim of passing on sustainable and ecological district heating and heating with low emissions.

ewers Iso certificate from TÜV Nord - District heating stations - Heat transfer stations - Local heating stations - Transfer stations


Our company is pleased to have official certificates that reflect our quality standards:

  • TÜV certified company according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • CE certified products

Our standards for our products are high. We produce according to the following directives:

  • Pressure equipment: 2014/68/EU
  • Machines: 2006/42/EG
  • Production according to: DIN-4747 1 and AGFW
  • EMC: 214/30/EU (Electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Low voltage: 2014/35/EU

ewers Handcraft: Development, manufacturing and construction

With us, you get a product from a single source: We develop, manufacture and construct the ewers district heating stations ourselves, with the exception of a few purchased parts. Our employees are experts in their fields, for example in

  • work preparation,
  • design and
  • manufacturing.

With us, all work steps go hand in hand without long communication or production paths. As a result, we guarantee you housing stations whose components are ideally matched to each other and products with the highest quality standards.

Innovation from our own company: molded parts from ewers

Our casting molds are our own invention. Not only did we develop them ourselves, but we also have them cast regionally in Germany. For this we use only the best materials:

  • Gunmetal – corrosion-free, durable, up to PN25

  • Ductile cast iron – corrosion resistant, durable, up to PN25

  • Grey cast iron – good thermal conductivity, up to PN10

  • ewers Service - Service Employees - Customer Service

Our service for you

We enable you a smooth installation, commissioning as well as maintenance of the devices. Therefore we offer you an all-embracing service including telephone consultation.

Through our factory customer service, we offer you not only a contact person, but also competent help with your systems and annual maintenance. This guarantees you many years of use for your home station.

Write us an e-mail at kundendienst(at)ewers.de

or call us at +49 5207 9190-25

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