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Whether for showering, cooking or heating – hot water is needed every day and contributes to our well-being. But heating water requires a lot of energy, which in turn can generate high costs. The right storage technology is therefore essential for efficient and sustainable heat utilization.

ewers offers you a diverse range of hot water storage tanks, e.g. coiled tubular tanks, which are optimally designed to meet your hydraulic requirements. Our high-quality storage technology is suitable for use in heating and drinking water installations.
Choose from our hot water storage tanks:

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Choose from our hot water storage tanks:

Buffer storage, charging storage or tubular winding storage
and find the ideal heat storage for your personal needs.

The tanks are available with a capacity of 100 to 2,000 litres depending on your individual requirements. On request, we can also supply you with special designs with a larger storage volume, which are perfectly matched to your requirements.

Storing excess heat with ewers buffer storage

The heat storage tanks from ewers filled with heating water are the ideal solution for non-regulated heat production. Take advantage of our buffer storage systems and balance the heat output generated and consumed: The storage systems store surplus heat products and, if necessary, release them back at a later date. Solid fuel boiler systems only operate economically at full load. Our buffer tanks are specially loaded and unloaded, so that the entire storage content is available to absorb excess boiler energy and you avoid wasteful part-load operation.

Our storage technology enables you to operate the system components for heat generation independently of consumption. As a result, you achieve a better operating behavior that protects your heating source. In addition to an increased service life, this results in lower costs due to efficient use.

ewers Heating systems - Storage technology accessories

storage technology & accessories

You receive our buffer tanks in quality steel S235JR+AR according to DIN 4753 and DIN EN 12897. The tanks are raw on the inside, primed on the outside and have many connection options. We also offer socket arrangements at 90° and 180° angles to suit your existing conditions at the installation site. If required, special designs according to your individual wishes are also possible.

The buffer tanks are equipped with high-quality insulation made of polyester fiber fleece or Neodul® insulation: this conserves the stored energy and allows it to be used as needed for space heating or hot water preparation.

ewers charging storage for efficient heating

ewers charging tanks are specially designed for drinking water heating with a storage charging system. The storage technology is loaded and discharged via an external heat exchanger and a pump. In this external heat exchanger, the cold water is heated and fed to the layer storage tank. By means of a storage charging pump, the cold water in the storage tank reaches the heat exchanger.

At the bottom of the tank there is water with a low return temperature, which is removed and heated again via the tank charging system. It is then fed back to the storage tank from above so you get an even nozzle temperature.

Storage platforms for charging storage small helpers with great effect

ewers storage platforms consist of a low base with a stable steel cross. Adjustable feet give you an optimal height compensation of your memory. The four individual adjusting screws are always freely accessible from above. All you need is an Allen key.

In addition, our storage platforms are PU insulated so they do not lose heat over the floor and save significant costs.

Never miss a leak again thanks to helpful details: With a drain channel and a water collector, you can immediately detect leaks in your storage technology. This ensures that the insulation stays dry.

The storage platforms are available in 3 sizes and for storage up to 500 litres. Our accessories are delivered pre-assembled and ready to use immediately you just have to unpack, set up and align your storage technology.

Pipe coil storage for fast heating

In this technique, the water is heated by a heat generator through a storage tank with an internal heating surface. The inside heating surface is usually located in the lower area of the tubular coil tank, so that the water is heated from the bottom to the top. ewers tubular coil storage tanks, also called “tube hose storage tanks”, are characterized by a particularly large heating surface with high transmission capacity. This significantly reduces your heating time. In addition, tubular coil tanks operate independently of the water hardness. Pipe coil tanks are also specially designed for drinking water heating with storage system maximum drinking water safety is guaranteed with this technology.

Excellent ewers quality: proven & certified

The storage techniques have a first-class quality. Thanks to the high quality materials of stainless steel and enameled steel you get a long durability.

ewers storage tanks are available with insulation that meets energy label or eco-design requirements. Furthermore, our products have a high energy efficiency, so you minimize your heat losses and reduce costs.

Of course, our products meet all the requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance. This means that you can enjoy maximum safety with your drinking water.

Official certifications prove our high standards: We are a TÜV-certified company according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and exclusively manufacture CE-certified products.

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