Heat transfer stations: District & local heat stations from ewers

Whether district heating or local heating: we build high-quality and sustainable heat transfer stations for capacities up to 10 megawatts and larger. They are suitable for private and commercial purposes, such as: Single and multi-family homes, residential complexes, offices, stores, administrations, industry, agriculture, hospitals, boiler or heating houses and much more.

Our local and district heating transfer stations work smoothly with different heating circuits and distributors. In addition, you can also get the stations with drinking water heating systems. The connection is direct or indirect, i.e. primary or secondary. We deliver each heat transfer station with precisely fitting insulation and high-quality gaskets.

Not only can we supply you with district heating and local heating stations – we also offer a wide range of accessories, such as storage technology in various sizes. At ewers, you get a comprehensive package for quick installation and convenient use of your heat transfer station.

Why a heat transfer station from ewers?

The local or district heat transfer stations from ewers are characterized by their high quality and sustainability. This is demonstrated by the fact that our heat transfer stations both operate ecologically and maintain a high level of performance over the long term.

The reason for the longevity of our heat transfer stations lies in their nature. Among other things, we assemble the local and district heat transfer stations from high-quality castings. These are made of gunmetal, a rustproof material. We also use rust-resistant nodular cast iron and durable gray cast iron. The high-quality materials help to ensure that you make a sustainable investment in your future with our heat transfer stations.

We use our materials as follows:

  • Gunmetal is used primarily & secondarily.
  • Spheroidal graphite cast iron is used primarily
  • Grey cast iron is used secondarily

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Planning and construction from one source

Another reason for the high quality of our products is our vertical range of manufacture. We design and manufacture our heat transfer stations ourselves. The castings for our heat transfer stations are developed in-house – we have them produced regionally in Germany.

In production, we turn, mill, weld and assemble them ourselves – we also wire the stations ready to plug in. The advantage: You get a product whose individual parts are perfectly matched to each other. Our employees can also maintain and repair them more effectively. Since we do not need any special tools for maintenance, we can replace spare parts easily and without any problems.

Awarded as Top Innovator 2022

Our product range: Heat transfer stations

Local & district heating transfer stations on mounting frame
  • Powder-coated steel mounting frame with vibration-damped fastening
  • Extendable distribution system with several heating circuits
  • PU thermal insulation as half-shell system
  • Torsion-proof and flat-sealing mounting
  • for heating networks in direct and indirect mode of operation
  • in many hydraulic variants
  • with different heating circuits and different types of domestic hot water heating

Local & district heat transfer stations on mounting frames

ewers special stations up to 10 MW and more

  • For industrial purposes (power up to 10 megawatts)
  • Up to nominal diameter DN100 with castings
  • From nominal diameter DN100 we weld
  • Individually planned, built and installed ready for connection according to local conditions
  • Torsion-proof and flat-sealing assembly
  • for heating networks in direct and indirect mode of operation
  • in many hydraulic variants
  • with different heating circuits and different types of domestic hot water heating

Transfer stations for district heating & local heating in PU housing

  • PU insulation housing for compact stations
  • Compact design: ideal for one- and two-family houses
  • torsion-proof and flat-sealing installation
  • for heating networks in direct and indirect operation mode
  • in many hydraulic variants
  • with different heating circuits and various types of domestic hot water heating

District heating stations incl. water heaters
for heating and hot water preparation

  • Combination system in a cabinet housing
  • Heating circuit up to 25 kW*
  • Drinking water cylinder 160 l with smooth tube heat exchanger
  • NL number 4 (>20 l/min)
  • Integrated electronic controller (opt. with touch display and network capability)

* Depending on network

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Quality from ewers: officially certified – black on white

Decades of experience in heating technology have enabled and continue to enable us to expand our expertise. The result: high-quality products specialized to meet your requirements and those of the market.

Our certifications attest to our claim – as well as the guidelines we conscientiously follow:


  • TÜV-certified company according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • CE certified products


  • Pressure equipment: 2014/68/EU
  • Machinery: 2006/42/EC
  • Manufacturing: DIN-4747 1 and AGFW
  • Maschinen: EMC: 214/30/EU (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • Maschinen: Low voltage: 2014/35/EU
ewers Iso certificate from TÜV Nord - District heating stations - Heat transfer stations - Local heating stations - Transfer stations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

District heating generally refers to the supply of heat for heating buildings and providing hot water. The heat usually comes from combined heat and power plants, or cogeneration units. Almost any conceivable energy source can be used here.

The prerequisites and conditions for connection to the district heating network are stipulated in the utility’s TAB. Exceptions and/or additions to the currently valid standards are specified. The TAB must be complied with when executing a district heating connection.

The transfer station transfers the heat of the district heating water from the district heating network to the house installation. This transfer usually takes place via a heat exchanger in the heat transfer station.

The district heating transfer station is the link between the house connection pipe and the house control center. It is used to transfer the heat to the building control center in accordance with its intended use, e.g. with regard to pressure, temperature and volume flow.

The heating water from the heating network flows through the house system.

The heating water of the domestic system is separated from the heat network by a heat exchanger. In the case of indirect connection, one obtains a primary and a secondary circuit.

The part of the system through which the heating water of the district heating network flows is called the primary circuit.

The part of the system through which the heating water of the domestic system flows is called the secondary circuit.

A heat exchanger (often referred to as a heat exchanger) hydraulically separates the heating water of the district heating network from the heating water of the domestic system.

ewers Digital

  • Our control technology
  • Weather-compensated and programmable control
  • Connection technology to GLT
  • Optimization of heating networks and pumps

How we work with you

You have decided on an efficient and high-quality transfer station for district heating or local heating from ewers, but what happens next? We work closely with you. This means that we adapt to your wishes and also provide you with comprehensive advice. We …

  • plan your offer together with you
  • train plant engineers and planners individually in the field of hydraulics and control technology
  • offer commissioning by our factory customer service
  • help you to eliminate malfunctions
  • optimize the performance of your existing plants
  • offer ready-made text modules for LV texts and are happy to support you with questions
  • document and archive station data are always available
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Our service for you

We enable you a smooth installation, commissioning as well as maintenance of the devices. Therefore we offer you an all-embracing service including telephone consultation.

Through our factory customer service, we offer you not only a contact person, but also competent help with your systems and annual maintenance. This guarantees you many years of use for your stations.

Write us an e-mail at kundendienst(at)ewers.de

or call us at +49 5207 9190-25

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