ewers insulation systems – insulate properly and benefit twice over

PU thermal insulation & diffusion-tight cold insulation

Whether thermal insulation or cold insulation – at ewers you will find the ideal insulation system for your individual needs. With our precisely fitting and reusable insulation shells, you maximize your economic as well as ecological efficiency. We offer high-quality solutions for a wide range of requirements:

Insulation shells in top form

Insulations must fit as tightly as possible and be precisely matched to the fittings to prevent air movement. A universal solution is not sufficient. The extensive range of insulation systems from ewers therefore offers you precisely fitting solutions for any requirements. We have numerous insulation shells for ewers fittings or control fittings and heat exchangers from various manufacturers.

Choose from our comprehensive range of insulation systems for:

Castings, Shut-off valves, Control valves, Heat exchangers, Pumps

Simple mounting and dismounting

Assemble and disassemble ewers insulation shells quickly and easily using stainless steel connection clips. We have adapted the insulation systems to the contour of the fitting so that you can see what is behind it from the outside. In this way, we guarantee you uncomplicated handling in the event of maintenance. Our high quality standards also mean that they can be reused several times. Our high-quality materials guarantee that the insulation systems are not impaired in terms of function or quality in the process. Reuse our insulation: not only will you save resources, but you will also gain an economic advantage.

ewers insulation systems: both economically and ecologically efficient

In addition to quality, ewers also stands for economic and ecological efficiency. With our thermal insulation systems, you minimize your heat loss. ewers insulation shells have circumferential tongue and groove joints that hardly register any energy loss. In the long run, you will save considerable costs thanks to our insulation systems.

With our insulations you insulate properly and benefit twice: Reduce your heat losses and amortize the investment costs within a short time. This was confirmed to us by the Fernwärme-Forschungsinstitut in Hannover e.V., which determined the heat losses on an uninsulated compact molding.

But not only the thermal insulations are efficient and sustainable. With ewers cold insulation, you prevent the formation of condensation and thus corrosion. In this way, your systems are preserved in the long term and are cost- and resource-efficient.

We also attach great importance to responsible and sustainable action in the production of our insulation systems. That is why we focus on resource-saving manufacturing, environmentally compatible products and recyclable materials. The ideas for our products originate in Germany, where we implement them immediately in the company’s own production to the highest quality. This saves us long transport routes and emissions.

ewers – your partner since 1963

For more than half a century, our high-quality insulation systems have proven themselves in practice. We are continuously building on these decades of expertise. We are constantly developing our thermal and cold insulation products to provide you with the best possible solutions – because your satisfaction is our top priority.

Highest quality from own production

There are no compromises when it comes to our quality: We rely exclusively on high-quality and resistant materials. This means that you can reuse our products for insulating fittings several times and use them for the long term. Of course, our insulations meet the legal requirements

  • to the temperature application range,
  • fire behavior
  • and building material approval.

In addition, our products are CE certified. The insulation system for different requirements for heat or cold insulation is created completely in our house. Thus, we ourselves have control over the quality to meet your and our requirements. We also deliver smaller quantities without any problems and meet your requirements quickly and precisely.

Our customer service – fast and reliable

Benefit from the many years of experience and expertise of our customer service: Let us advise you and find the perfect solution for your requirements. Even in the event of any problems, our team will be at your side quickly and reliably. Sales and service at ewers work closely together – so we provide you with seamless and fast all-round support. Contact us for your individual offer or if you have any questions or problems.

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