Diffusion-tight cold insulation from ewers: individual, custom-fit & efficient

Condensation is constantly forming on your insulation, corrosion is destroying the fittings and the cold insulation just doesn’t want to work anymore? With ewers custom-fit and diffusion-tight cold insulation you will find a high-quality solution to this problem.
In most cases, universal solutions for cold insulation are insufficient – if you want to adequately protect your fittings or pumps from condensation and prevent energy loss, you need a design that is close to the body and precise. With decades of expertise, ewers manufactures ideal insulation systems for your individual needs in proven quality.

Close-to-the-body design — ecologically & economically efficient

High-quality, well thought-out and functional – with ewers reusable and long-lasting cold insulation you not only save your wallet, but also surrounding resources.
Our customized and custom-fit design takes away the chance for moisture in the air to spread throughout your insulation. Less moisture in the air means less corrosion – your cold insulation will impress with long-term functional preservation.
Another benefit of our tightly constructed diffusion-tight insulation is that little to no energy and heat is lost.

Flexible and reusable: That’s what makes ewers insulation systems so special

Stainless steel connection clips and ewers multi-shell system – the cleverly developed cold insulation can be quickly and easily assembled as well as disassembled. Since we attach great importance to high-quality materials in our in-house production, the construction is not impaired in terms of quality or function even after a long time and can be reused without any problems. The advantages of diffusion-tight cold insulation are manifold. High quality, easy handling and numerous design options – benefit from your economical individual solution:

  • reusable
  • resource-saving
  • easy to connect
  • exact fit
  • individual colors and patterns
  • protected surface
  • a stable form

The advantages of our diffusion tight cold insulation

  • Easy connection – thanks to an attachment point for an adhesive tape connection with pipe insulation, the cold insulation can be connected simply and without any expertise.

  • Uniform surface pressure – ewers cover every step in the production of the insulation systems. They reinforce the edge of each construction, thus distributing the pressure evenly over the surface and counteracting one-sided overloading.

  • Visual design – Our design options are numerous: from different colors and graining to individual logos and names. Decide how you want the high-quality polystyrene outer skin to look in terms of design.

  • Surface protection – To withstand external shocks, ewers cold insulation all have a smooth surface with outstanding surface protection.

  • Easy access – With our insulation systems, you can see what’s going on inside from the outside – so problems can be identified and eliminated easily. Maintenance is also uncomplicated.

Best quality from in-house production

Resource-conserving, environmentally friendly and recyclable – these three words describe the way ewers works and produces. For more than half a century, ewers quality has proven itself in practice. We manufacture all insulation systems entirely in our company’s own production facilities in the Gütersloh district – thus eliminating long transport routes and the associated emissions.

  • ewers Dämmungen — Diffusionsdichte Kältedämmungen
  • ewers Dämmungen — Diffusionsdichte Kältedämmungen

We meet all legal requirements regarding:

  • Temperature application range
  • Fire behavior
  • Building material approval

In addition, our sustainable company operates CE certified and attaches great importance to close cooperation between sales and service to provide you with the highest possible comfort.

Fast, reliable and competent – our customer service

In addition to planning and design, customer satisfaction plays at least as important a role at ewers. With our comprehensive service, we want to guarantee your satisfaction. Our long-standing employees are always at your disposal with individual advice and special competence. Whether commissioning, maintenance or an unknown malfunction – our customer service will help you to optimize your system and keep your inventory up-to-date.

In this way, we at ewers want to ensure many years of use without complications. Contact us!

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