ewers PU thermal insulation for heat transfer stations

High quality. Sophisticated. Functional. – ewers PU insulations for wards are high-quality, well thought-out and functional. They can be reused at any time. Installation and removal are uncomplicated. The close-to-body design and circumferential tongue and groove joints reduce energy losses to a minimum. Use these and other advantages for your individual tasks and insulate economically right from the start.

Our local and district heating transfer stations are available either fully assembled in a complete insulation housing or we insulate our stations on mounting frames with our half-shell insulation system.


Heat transfer stations in a PU insulation housing or stations on mounting frames with half-shell insulations

Efficiency increase with fast amortization

Minimize heat loss, increase efficiency. ewers PU thermal insulation combines extremely low thermal conductivity, first-class quality and high durability.

  • Short assembly times, reusable even after disassembly

  • Hardly any energy loss due to tight connection of the half-shells

  • No environmental pollution – thanks to CFC-free foaming

  • Dimensional stability and accuracy

  • Complies with all legal requirements


Thermal insulation

Insulation scope

PU housing: complete station is insulated

Half shells: Valve length (contour adapted to the valve)


Tight connection – close to the body, precise fit manufacturing

PUR joints

Circumferential tongue and groove joint


Stainless steel 1.4310 spring steel connection clips


Rigid polyurethane foam (PU) according to EN 14308:2009

Product properties

CFC-free, HFC-free, no paint wetting impairment properties

Bulk density

Approx. 60 kg/m 3

Fire behavior

Fire class B2 (DIN 4102 T1), E (DIN EN 13501)

Thermal conductivity λ (WL) at 50°C

0,031 W/(m K)

Temperature resistance

Up to +135 °C

Moisture absorption

Hydrophobic (water-permeable, < 3 volume %)


PU housing: grained gray

Half shells: Light gray smooth

ewers compact stations

in PU insulation housing with cover hood

ewers Wärmeübergabestation — Fernwärmestationen auf Montagerahmen— PU-Dämmungen für Stationen

ewers transfer stations

on mounting frames with half-shell insulations

PU-Dämmungen für Wärmeübergabestationen in verschiedenen Ausführungen
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