PU thermal insulation

The best PU thermal insulation for your task — universal solutions can be expensive. Rather go directly for designs that really fit. In terms of shape, color, company logo, design, surface finish and function. With tailor-made PU thermal insulation from ewers, you benefit from quality, easy handling and numerous design options. With a high vertical range of manufacture from design to our own toolmaking and production, we produce economical individual solutions. Even in small quantities. We check your wishes in all areas for technical feasibility and realize your requirements quickly and precisely.

Insulation can be this efficient — ewers PU thermal insulation is high-quality, well thought-out and functional. They can be reused at any time. Installation and removal are uncomplicated. The close-to-body design and circumferential tongue and groove joints reduce energy losses to a minimum. Use these and other advantages for your individual tasks and insulate economically right from the start.

Increase efficiency with fast payback — Save heat losses, increase efficiency. ewers PU thermal insulation combines extremely low thermal conductivity, first-class quality and long service life. That pays off quickly and for a long time.


  • Hardly any energy losses

  • No chimney effect between fitting and insulation

  • Fitting shape recognizable from the outside

  • Quick assembly

ewers Dämmungen — PU-Wärmedämmungen
Advantages at a glance

Stainless steel connecting clips tension the insulation system

Thanks to circumferential tongue and groove joint

PU foam encloses the fitting precisely

Due to multi-shell system, quick assembly/disassembly

Outer sheath with a protective film of polystyrene

Fitting immediately recognizable from the outside, outer contour is adapted to the fitting

Polystyrene outer skin possible in different colors and grains

  • Short assembly times, reusable even after disassembly

  • Close-fitting production stops energy losses

  • No chimney effect between molded part and PU thermal insulation

  • No air exchange during temperature change, no environmental pollution – thanks to CFC-free foaming

  • No damage thanks to smooth surface and surface protection

  • Easy to clean, easy to recognize from the outside – thanks to the contour adapted to the fitting

  • Dimensional stability and accuracy

  • Complies with all legal requirements

ewers Dämmungen — PU-Wärmedämmungen


PU thermal insulation for pipes according to DIN EN 10216-2

ewers Dämmungen — PU-Wärmedämmungen


PU thermal insulation for bends according to DIN 2605, 90°

ewers Dämmungen — PU-Wärmedämmungen


PU thermal insulation for flanges according to DIN (PN6 or PN40)



PU thermal insulation for T-Pieces according to DIN

ewers Dämmungen — PU-Wärmedämmungen
End caps

PU thermal insulation end cap for pipe

ewers Dämmungen — PU-Wärmedämmungen

Shut-off valves

PU thermal insulation for shut-off valve ARI EURO-WEDI

ewers Dämmungen — PU-Wärmedämmungen

Ball valves

PU thermal insulation for Böhmer ball valve KSF


Control valves

PU thermal insulation for SAMSON Type 46-7

PU-Wärmedämmungen für verschiedene Anwendungen