BSR.001 — Energy-efficient refurbishment & historic preservation


Initial situation

The property is a listed residential building built in 1928, which was used in the past by the employees of the company Oetker. In 2018, the owner decided to convert the undeveloped attic for residential purposes. This inner-city densification created an additional six high-quality apartments in close proximity to the city center.

In this context, the previous gas heating system for the entire building was replaced. The premises allowed the gas heating system to be installed and replaced without any problems, as there was originally a coal cellar here. Thanks to the Energy Efficient Renovation subsidy (Bauen im Bestand / 115), the building owner opted for the future-oriented energy supply of district heating with the corresponding subsidies. In the existing floors radiators are installed, in the attic, due to the slopes and the architecture, an underfloor heating was installed, thus two heating circuits are necessary on the secondary side.

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The ewers solution

District heating transfer station

Power: 170 kW
Nominal width:
DN32 / DN65
Pressure stage:
PN16 / PN6
Heating circuits:

HK1 Radiators 150 kW
HK2 FBH 20 kW

Primary 110 / 60 °C
Secondary 70 / 50 °C

ewers BSR.001 - Baustellenreport - Fernwärme Übergabestation

Hydraulic representation of the ewers plant

ewers BSR.001 - Baustellenreport - Fernwärme Übergabestation

The listed building in Bielefeld

ewers BSR.001 - Baustellenreport - Fernwärme Übergabestation

The ewers plant in the old coal cellar of the building